Meaningful Use for Hospital, Clinics, and Physician Practices Doesn’t Have to be Painful

How we can help:  Planning and assessment, training, updating processes, engaging vendors, structuring plans, and internal and external testing.

  • We can evaluate your current data, and help you measure and collect the information you need to successfully attest to Meaningful Use Stage 2 and beyond. Measured data can be efficiently managed.
  • Evaluate where you are with your current objectives, and review your work flow to reinforce sufficient data capture to meet your Core and Menu goals.
  • Team work: we work with your current staff and vendors, empowering the practice manager to clearly communicate with each doctor and their staff to communicate and reach their goals, evaluate and improve their status, and ensure that each requirement is met. We evaluate the data often and respond to it.

Implementing Meaningful Use includes a variety of deadlines to keep in mind for attestation and other processes. Reporting periods, for example, have specific deadlines that are very important to keep track of in order to successfully attest to Meaningful Use requirements.


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