If the 12 days of Christmas song happened to you, just how many ICD-10 codes would you be needing?

On the 12th day of Christmas my true love sent to me:

Twelve Drummers Drumming

10pipers2Oh the joy of drums at Christmas! Time for your very own drum circle (and a great pair of noise reducing headphones)! Along with the drums your drummers can bring their own set of useful ICD-10 codes such as ICD-10-CM code Y93.J2 (Activity, drum and other percussion instrument playing).

For those that have repetitive motion ailments a diagnosis of ICD-10-CM code G56.00 (Carpal tunnel syndrome unspecified upper limb) might bring some relief, or possibly they will need ICD-10-CM code M62.429 (Contracture of muscle, unspecified upper arm), and a muscle relaxer.


Eleven Pipers Piping

pipers2With 22 pipers adding to the music, it’s sure to be festive at your place! Are your eardrums ringing? You might use ICD-10 code H93.13 (Tinnitus, bilateral).

Holiday parties with all these musicians can be hazardous! If the holiday partying has created musical instrument mishaps your doctor will likely describe the mayhem using ICD-10 code Y93.J (Activities involving playing musical instrument- winds and brass instrument playing).


Ten Lords a-Leaping

10lords2It can be so difficult being a Lord these days! So many banquets, so much dancing to do… Should one of those leaping lords (now that you have 30 of them) land on your toes or suffer a mishap mid-leap you might keep these ICD-10 codes nearby: X80.XXXA (Intentional self-harm by jumping from a high place, initial encounter) and S86.919A (Strain of unspecified muscle(s) and tendon(s) at lower leg level, unspecified leg, initial encounter).

If your suffering Lords need care for overeating (R63.2 Polyphagia: ingestion of greater than optimal quantity of food), screening for Diabetes (ICD-10 code Z13.1), or even help tending to Gout (ICD-10 Diagnosis Code M10), your physician will again have them covered.


Nine Ladies Dancing


Dancing is a fun and social way to exercise. Plus with all of these new dancers you can make your own videos! Dancers are prone to foot & ankle injuries though, and you might want to keep ICD-10 Diagnosis code Y93.41 (activities involving dancing & other rhythmic movement) handy along with ICD-10-CM code M25.579 (Pain in unspecified ankle and joints of unspecified foot) and ICD-10 code M62.831 (Muscle spasm of calf). Perhaps the lords are good at massage?


Eight Maids a-Milking

milkmaid2Smallpox vaccine, the first successful vaccine to be developed, was introduced by Edward Jenner in 1798. The word vaccine is derived from Variolae Vaccinae (i.e. smallpox of the cow). Have your milkmaids all been vaccinated yet? If not your physician will likely use ICD-10-PCS Procedure Code 3E0234Z (Introduction of Serum, Toxoid and Vaccine into Muscle, Percutaneous Approach) as he helps you to keep all 40 of your new milkmaids healthy.

Also useful might be ICD-10 code Z91.011 (allergy to milk products) and in case of fractious bovines there is W55.22XA (Struck by cow, initial encounter) or W55.21XA (Bitten by cow, initial encounter).


Seven Swans a-Swimming


Swans are beautiful – the very picture of elegance when swimming along peacefully. Not so lovely are their attacks, which can be quite pointed and very painful. Swans are highly territorial birds, and fiercely defend their space with strong beaks and large wings. Your physician will keep ICD-10 code W61.91A/D/S (Bitten by other birds) and W61.92 A/D/S (Struck by other birds) at hand as he patiently patches up your new injuries.

Warning: don’t try to swim with the swans! ICD-10 W69.XXXA (Accidental drowning and submersion while in natural water, initial encounter) is not a code anyone wants to use during the holidays!


Six Geese a-Laying


Because all 42 of your newly arrived geese are a-laying it might be time to expand the coop a bit. If you are starting to convert the old homestead to a farm by now (and who could blame you) then know that ICD-10 code Y93.H3 (Activity, building and construction) has you covered.

If your gaggle of geese gets unfriendly your talented local physician will be happy to patch you up using ICD-10 code W61.51A/D/X (bitten by goose) or W61.52A/D/X (struck by goose).


Five Gold Rings


Five gold rings a day for eight days is a handsome gift in anyone’s book! Just in case they haven’t been sized to fit your fingers yet you may want to keep ICD-10 code W49.04A/D/X (Ring or other jewelry causing external constriction) at hand, for this is what your physician will exclaim when he sees those fingers all swollen and red.



Four Calling Birds (yes it’s actually Colly or black birds but who can resist)


With all 36 calling birds now in hand (or cage) the ICD-10 code G43.911 (Migraine, unspecified, intractable) might apply.

Be sure to keep ICD-10 code W61.91A and W61.91D (Bitten by other birds: initial & subsequent encounters) close at hand, and possibly a set of earplugs as well.


Three French Hens

faverolles2Now that your 30th French hen has arrived, you’ll probably get used to seeing ICD-10 code W61.32X A/D/S (struck by chicken) or W61.33XA/D/X (pecked by chicken) or even W61.39XA/D/S (other contact with chicken) associated with your name.



Two Turtle Doves


Congratulations! You now are the proud owner of a pitying of turtledoves. And pity you we do! Your bird collection is now quite impressive and includes a most interest variety of beaks to be fed. Keep ICD-10 code W61.91A and W61.91D (Bitten by other birds: initial & Subsequent encounters) close by as you handle those 22 new turtle doves.



And a Partridge in a Pear Tree

partridge3This bird has no intention on being stuffed into a cage so you climb the tree to attempt to retrieve it. Gravity and ice take notice of your plight, with a short but painful fall as your reward. ICD-10 code W14.XXA (fall from tree, Initial encounter) was the gift they gave to you in the ER during your pre-holiday visit.



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